Top Tips from a Digital Marketing Intern

I have a confession to make: I am new to the world of sales and marketing. I wanted to learn how to create and manage effective marketing strategies or how to obtain a privileged digital positioning in different marketing channels. I soon found out that it’s not so easy to identify a successful business strategy, as it heavily relies on what we experience every day and the needs that arise to solve the problems we face.  

We know that a successful marketing strategy should directly correlate with the revenue generated. Therefore, a company’s profits are mainly attributed to a well-implemented marketing strategy, so I wanted to share with you what I have learned in my short time in marketing and some of the typical steps we can implement to develop a marketing strategy: 

Market research 

Through market research, we are going to gather information about buying behaviours, patterns, and cultural beliefs. 

Recognition of target customers 

Every product or service has a target customer base. This understanding will help design a marketing strategy that caters to the target audience. The best courses in sales and marketing can help us understand the importance of the target audience in the best way. 

Developing a brand 

 A brand is unique to a product, which distinguishes one brand’s product from another. It is important to pay attention to the colours that will identify our brand and how we will make our product stand out from the competition. 

Choosing the right marketing channels 

A marketing channel is a medium through which customers learn about a new product. It can be a print ad, a TV commercial, or a Facebook ad. Depending on the target audience and the type of product, it is critical to choose the right marketing channel. 

Exceptional after-sales services 

Marketing is an ongoing business activity. It is not limited to encapsulating product sales but also involves after-sales services. Communication with customers is the key to customer loyalty. 

Monitoring and review 

Marketing strategies require constant monitoring and review. It allows us to make effective changes. 

Together we can all become better salespeople and achieve our goals, so tell us what those things are you wish someone had advised you when you started down this path!  


About the Author

Edghar Silva is a digital content creator and graphic designer.
Originally from Cordoba, Argentina, Edghar studied Accountancy, Digital Marketing and Copywriting. His passion for art led him to pursue a career as a freelance creator, where he has honed his skills and created amazing work for clients. For the past 7 years, he has been living and working in Dubai, where he continues to create engaging digital content.

Susannah Mathieson

Susie (MBA), is an experienced Sales Trainer and Coach with more than 20 years in selling and sales leadership roles. She is passionate about helping sales people reach their sales potential by empowering them to think for themselves and giving them the tools they need to be successful. She decided to use her expertise and experience to set up the small stuff in March 2019. Her mission is to support sales teams and companies achieve their goals and grow their income. As a trainer and coach with a focus on sales training, employee motivation and team building, she is responsible for the development and execution of sales training and the implementation of employee development & coaching plans. Susie has excellent powers of observation, combined with a patient, yet clear coaching style which brings out the best in individuals and groups. She believes in empowering sales teams to understand, adjust and then execute improvements for success!

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