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From the intention to the feedback: The sales training process

Learn more about how to book a training, what the training will look like and what happens afterwards.

1. Getting acquainted & getting ready

You have decided to consider the small stuff for sales training. The next logical step is to get to know each other in a personal meeting. Together, we will then develop goals and an achievement plan.

Each set of training is planned and prepared individually.

I will research and use best practice examples from your industry environment and adapt my trainings accordingly to your target group and the requirements of your customers.

Additionally, we can run THE SALESPERSON’S SECRET CODE programme in parallel to the training. Learn more about it.

2. Training

The actual training takes place either online or on-site.

Experience shows that small groups allow a more intense sales training and provide the best learning outcomes. the small stuff I works with you (the customer) directly to define the optimal group size for the training objectives.

I use a vast number of different tools for online trainings in order to make it as interactive as possible. For that purpose, I use programs such as Microsoft (including Teams, Forms & PowerPoint), Zoom, WebEx and a whole host of interactive training tools. A flexible approach to the customer’s needs is always possible.

Online training

Be it from the office, from home or anywhere in the world. The advantage of bringing participants from different locations together not only has a monetary benefit (due to non-existent travel expenses) but allows the participants to make new contacts in a familiar setting.

With long-standing experience in dealing with digital media, I succeed in connecting with the participants of my trainings and activating them even in a digital environment to maximise the possible learning success with digital media.

the small stuff – the digital training partner of your sales team.

On-site training

A training of your sales team on-site is possible under consideration of the currently applicable hygiene regulations at the time of the training.

A vis-à-vis event is the most effective way to get to know the participants and communicate at eye level. Especially in small groups, the effect of communication with all senses and a maximum attention is an additional guarantor of success.

the small stuff is happy to meet your team – or your teams – on-site. The individual preparation of your sales training requires a certain lead time. That is why the earlier we can get started with the scheduling and planning, the better. Feel free to contact me.

3. Follow-Up

Follow-up is an essential part of the training I offer, and helps to embed the learnings from the training, to improve performance and effectiveness. I offer different options for the follow-up:

the small stuff


As mentioned earlier, I always ask the participants for feedback after the training. This is a standard procedure and always part of my trainings.

Furthermore, there are additional components like individual coaching, accompanying coaching, refresher trainings and follow-up in-depth units for special contents.

the small stuff


Following the training, there is the possibility to have individual coaching units with the participants in order to discuss individual questions and approaches and safeguard the practical implementation of the learning objectives.

Coaching objectives include:

  • expanding the knowledge
  • the practical implementation of the acquired theoretical knowledge
  • discussing and solving problems of the individual

The rule is: The shorter the time span between training and coaching, the greater the success.

the small stuff


Naturally, a refresher or in-depth training after a practical period of two to four weeks is helpful. The goal is to counteract a relapse into old thought patterns and to action and deepen the new methods even further.

the small stuff
Frederick Henry Royce

„Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing.”

With a sum of small things, I want to lead your sales teams towards perfect sales results.

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