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We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals who love what we do. Our aim is to provide you with the very best training you need for yourself as well as your team members and become the master salesperson we know you can be. And even better: With all the experience our team has to offer, our sales training is fully customizable meeting your needs! Get to know us a bit better by learning all about our experience, interests and what drives us to give you the best sales training there is!

Susie Mathieson (she / her)

Founder | Sales Trainer & Coach

”Small changes make a big difference”

Communication Psychology, DISC Behavioural Styles, Motivating your Teams in a Home Office Environment, Sales Skills, Accountability Coaching, Sales Person’s Secret Code
  • Susie (MBA), is an experienced Sales Trainer and Coach with more than 20 years in selling and sales leadership roles. She is passionate about helping sales people reach their sales potential by empowering them to think for themselves and giving them the tools they need to be successful.

    She decided to use her expertise and experience to set up the small stuff in March 2019. Her mission is to support sales teams and companies achieve their goals and grow their income.

    As a trainer and coach with a focus on sales training, employee motivation and team building, she is responsible for the development and execution of sales training and the implementation of employee development & coaching plans. Susie has excellent powers of observation, combined with a patient, yet clear coaching style which brings out the best in individuals and groups. She believes in empowering sales teams to understand, adjust and then execute improvements for success!

Franziska Morin (she / her)

Marketing | Content & Business Development Manager

”Don’t be busy, be productive!”

Marketing, Social Media, Content Planning, Business Development
  • Franziska Morin, M. Sc., is the Marketing & Content Manager at the small stuff. Franziska completed her post-graduate studies in Marketing Management at La Trobe University Melbourne (Australia) and her graduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms (Germany).

    Franziska has several years of experience working in marketing for various multinational companies. During this time she gained extensive knowledge into developing and implementing successful strategic and marketing projects.

    In her free time Franziska loves doing all kinds of outdoor activities with her family, such as hiking, running and biking.

Theresa Lehmstedt (she / her)

Sales Enablement Manager

Never stop growing

E-Learning, Onboarding, Sales Training
  • Theresa is our Sales Enablement Manager. She has gained her hands-on sales experience as a trainer in many different areas - from Bootcamp to Teamlead. In 2020, she completed her Train the Trainer.

    Her passion is interactive trainings with long lasting AHA moments.

Janet Efere - Sales Trainer

Janet Efere (she / her)

Sales Trainer

”Often, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to sort out your challenges
and transform your sales.”

Sales skills for teams, sales skills for business owners, sales and mindset, sales coaching, DISC accredited, inbound sales
  • About Janet

    Janet began her sales career with 7 years in direct sales at Xerox, specialising in pharmaceuticals, training and government and benefitted from Xerox’s world class sales training. This was followed by 17 years as Group Head of Business Development of 2 private colleges in East London, where she was responsible for the overall sales and marketing strategy and recruited, trained, motivated and monitored the sales and customer service team.

    During that time she helped grow a 3-person business into a multi-million pound business with 650 students. She became a sales trainer in 2013, focussing on bespoke training for corporate teams and open workshops for small business owners – many of whom have never had sales training. She began  providing sales coaching in 2016 in response to requests to work on a one to one basis.

    In 2015 she won Enfield’s Start-up of the Year and reached the final of The Guardian’s start-up of the Year. She has twice reached the final of the ISM’s Sales Trainer of the Year. A number one bestseller on Amazon, Janet has published 2 books on sales and is in demand as a keynote speaker.

    She is fun and engaging and believes every individual can do better at sales with the right support and encouragement. She lives in Cheshunt in Hertfordshire and has 2 children, 2 cats and 6 chickens.

Chris Dawson - Sales Trainer

Chris Dawson (he / him)

Sales Trainer

”Sales is the noblest of professions, and like all professions it takes continuous learning and development.”

Cold Calling training, made-to-measure sales training programmes, personal sales coaching, sales presentation training
  • About Chris

    After spending over 25 years in the sales arena, Chris Dawson has held nearly every role; from door to door canvassing through to enterprise level sales, national sales management and training for top 100 companies. Chris designs and delivers tailored sales training and coaching programmes to businesses across the world that are serious about developing their salespeople.

    From BT, Canon Europe and National Tool Hire, through to American Summer Camps and the British Chambers of Commerce, his straight talking, enthusiastic and experience led approach to sales training is laser targeted at getting the outcome all businesses want; more sales!

    Chris also teaches Sales and Selling skills at multiple Universities across the UK, co-hosts the renowned Sales Dojo Podcast and is globally recognised for his dedication to enhancing the reputation of the sales profession.

Wendy Harris (she / her)

Sales Trainer

”You never know where a conversation will lead.”

Telemarketing, Telesales, Account Management, Customer Service
  • About Wendy

    Expert telemarketer, Queen of Conversation, and natural chatterbox, Wendy loves helping people to make their conversations count.  Wendy has worked in the sales and communication industry for over 30 years, and now uses this knowledge to train others in telemarketing, telesales, customer service and account management.

    She now focuses on working with individuals and training teams  to make their conversations count, with her business WAG Associates which she founded in 2005. Get in touch with Wendy if you need help to:

    • Find and speak to the right people
    • Get more meetings, call backs, and sales
    • Create long-lasting business relationships

    Learn how to make more sales over the phone and utilise conversation in your business. Wendy’s resilient nature has allowed her to successfully trade against all odds and be crowned one of Lloyds Business Banks Small Business 2021 winners. The connections she has made have been the key ingredient, coupled with her natural love for training and helping people.

    Best-Selling Author of the Training Handbook “Making Conversations Count – How to sell over the phone” book, and Podcast host of the show “Making Conversations Count”, Wendy is a natural entrepreneur.

Niraj Kapur - LinkedIn Trainer and Trust Sales Coach

Niraj Kapur (he / him)

LinkedIn Trainer | Trusted Sales Coach

”The more you learn, the more you earn.”

LinkedIn Content Writing and Profile Optimisation, LinkedIn Sales Email, Prospecting, Sales Process, Objection Handling, Presentation Skills
  • About Niraj

    After 23 years in London running sales teams from The Guardian Newspaper Group to FTSE 100 businesses, Niraj wanted to raise the standards of sales, so he wrote “Everybody Works in Sales” which became an international bestseller.
    He’s delivered LinkedIn Training and Sales Coaching to over 350 companies including: Barclays. NatWest, Sainsbury’s and Google. Skills people have benefitted from are: prospecting, roleplays, mentoring, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn content writing, profile optimisation, overcoming objections, email writing, sales language, listening skills and presentation skills.

    In May 2021, Niraj was announced as a Top 16 Sales Influencer in the World to Follow by Salesforce and again in May 2022.

    In November 2021, he was announced as a Top 10 LinkedIn Voice in Sales To Follow by LinkedIn.

    In his free time, Niraj plays drums in a rock band, raises money for charities like Movember and serves as an ambassador for Milton Keynes Hospital Cancer Unit.

    Key Specialty: How to generate sales on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 870 million users, yet most people don’t have an optimised profile or understand how to engage with customers. Even fewer understand how to leverage LinkedIn for incoming enquiries. There’s no automation, no software needed. LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales of 2021 Niraj Kapur will show you how to do this and leave with action points to implement.

Iain Swanston (he / him)

Sales Trainer

”Don’t deliver sales training, deliver results.”

Sales Strategy, Sales Planning and Sales Management
  • About Ian

    After 30 years in sales, the last 10 of which were spent consulting, training and coaching, Iain has become a sought after Expert and Facilitator for Sales Change. Iain has worked with small entrepreneurial start-ups, SME’s and corporate giants such as Microsoft Corp, and is Scotland’s foremost thought leader on Consultative Selling Skills.

    In addition to the many Technology companies Iain works with, he also has supported businesses in Telecoms, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Business Services, Oil & Gas. Via, Iain now works with clients all over the world delivering B2B sales training and sales coaching.

    Iain specialises in helping businesses accelerate their sales growth and has a track record of delivering significant, sustained improvements in his client’s professional sales capabilities. With a 35 year track record, Iain’s broad expertise in sales enables him to equip sales people and businesses with everything they need to deliver higher, sustainable revenues.

    Iain’s sweet spot is working with SMEs and Mid-Market organisations to help them take on the big brands in their industry and win. Even brand leader Microsoft described Iain as the ‘Sat Nav for Sales Success’.

Lothar Schiller (he / him)

Sales Trainer, Sales Coach & Consultant

Unlocking the power of a “Winning Sales Mindset”

Challenger Sales Trainer & Coach, Sales Transformation, Customer Business Value Sales Methodology, AEC DISC potential analysis, B2B complex sales, Communication styles, SHL occupational personality analysis, team development
  • About Lothar

    Lothar is a „Gartner” certified Sales Trainer, ISO certified Agile Coach and New Work Expert with the passion to help Companies to develop their Sales to the next level and  Start-ups in their different phases of a successful market entry and to transform their company.

    Together with his partner he developed the “Customer-Business-Value Centric” sales methodology. Starting with the question what customers really want, this Methodology provides a guide how to become a real trusted business partner to your customers rather than being perceived as a seller. He has led large scale sales transformation programs in multinational companies like Nokia and Siemens as well as sales enabling and coaching programs for several start-ups supporting them in their different market entry phases. He is a strategic, value-oriented innovator and a strong believer in trusted partnership with open, efficient and constructive collaboration.

Cora Schülen (she / her)

Business Coach, Trainer for Burnout Prevention

„Being successful and successfully being – with clarity and awareness.“

Business Coaching, LINC Personality Profiler, Burnout Prevention Seminars and Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • About Cora

    Cora’s coaching practice draws on a succesful international leadership career of 18 years with a global FMCG-player, in areas as Key Account Management, POS-Marketing, Marketing and as well Controlling and IT project management.

    Her excellent communication skills and high connectivity with people are a key ingredient for her motivating trainings and coachings.

    She is coaching people in personal and corporate transformation processes, with a growing focus on burnout prevention. In addition to a solid qualification as a business coach Cora is also a certified online coach, bringing the best coaching tools from presence to live-online. Clients also benefit from using the Linc Personality Profiler, enabling personal and job-related growth by gaining more clarity about their own personality, goals and possible hindrances.

Natalie Baksheieva (she / her)


Luxury Sales Trainer & Coach

“We are the authors of our own lives.”

The psychology of sales, creating an exclusive customer experience, Enneagram for self-development and  understanding others
  • About Natalie

    With 18 years of experience in luxury retail management and negotiations, and over 16 years of experience in luxury retail and wholesale training, Natalie (MBA) is passionate about helping salespeople gain a competitive edge in sales and customer experience through effective training and coaching.

    Her mission is to assist sales teams in mastering the creation of an outstanding shopping experience that turns clients into store advocates. Natalie’s training programs cover practical sales, negotiation, and communication techniques, along with a success mindset that promotes increased employee engagement, motivation, and overall well-being. This results in higher sales, improved client retention, and greater job satisfaction. The skills taught in her training also have a positive impact on various aspects of life, leading to overall life satisfaction. Happier people are more productive and loyal!

    Natalie’s training programs are customized to meet the unique goals of each business.

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