Successful sales training

More efficiency in sales and delivery

the small stuff does not offer THE ONE sales training. Each training is customised to the company, its products or services, its markets, target groups and sales representatives.

Activate and motivate

The secret of a successful training is to bring each and every participant to draw the right conclusions THEMSELF and recognise the paths to OPTIMISATION independently.

That is why the participants must be included and activated. That only works if mutual trust is  developed between coach and participants. Due to my extensive experience as sales representative, meeting the participants at eye level and establishing mutual trust comes easily to me.


After each training, I ask the participants for their feedback. I place great importance on finding out how each participant perceived me personally, my methods and contents, and to which extent the training has impacted their own individual development.

Of course, you as customer should also find out whether my training has helped your employees. This is a standard procedure and an inherent part of my training.

The style of the small stuff

Training by the small stuff takes place in a casual atmosphere, not in a traditional “educator style” with endless monologues. I have a profound knowledge of human nature, vast experience, and a comprising methodical expertise, which allows me to react flexibly to every possible training situation.

the small stuff

“A diamond is a piece of coal that never gave up.”

A good salesperson has experience, perseverance, and persistence. I help your teams develop those soft skills.

7 reasons why the small stuff is the right concept for you

What distinguishes me from other coaches

the small stuff


Due to my vast experience in sales and sales leadership, I know the many facets of sales and which elements allow us to work with and successfully communicate with the people we deal with.

the small stuff


Since I have my roots in sales and I identify strongly with salespeople, I speak their language. I know the problems of the target group first-hand, which is why I prefer solution-oriented and practical approaches. As an English native speaker with a permanent home in Germany, I am able to deliver my training in German or English – or both.

the small stuff


My master’s degree provides me with the necessary methodical expertise to convey the training goals effectively and sustainably. The feedback of my participants confirms that.

the small stuff


Contrary to many others, my portfolio is strongly focussed on sales and delivery. Sales and the training of your sales and customer-focussed teams is my focus.

the small stuff


My open personality allows me to connect with people quickly and gain their trust. According to my experience, the effectiveness of training is higher the quicker the natural distance between coach and participant is overcome. And that is one of my core competencies.

the small stuff


The success of each training is my main concern. I don’t perform trainings just for the sake of it. Increasing the turnover or retaining existing customer revenues are the objectives of each of my trainings.

the small stuff


I have the required flexibility and technical expertise to perform my trainings traditionally on-site as well as online.

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