Welcome to “Cold Call Like a Boss”!

The renowned B2B cold calling course that has helped thousands of salespeople set qualified meetings and demos by learning the skills and approach to making confident and contemporary sales calls.

Why Cold Call Like a Boss?

During the Cold Call Like a Boss course, you will learn the following

  • The mindset, approach, and preparation needed to make sales calls in the modern business landscape.
  • How to script and open a B2B sales call with impact, attention, and intrigue.
  • Techniques to calmly handle early objections and respond effectively to common objections.
  • The importance of discovery and how to qualify prospects quickly using strategic questioning.
  • How to incorporate storytelling and social proof to create depth and interest in your calls.
  • The psychology behind concluding a call, securing next steps, and avoiding being ghosted.

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You will also receive the Cold Call Like a Boss Playbook, which contains a complete guide to each module, including soundbites, scripts, self-coaching packs, and further study lists. Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to listen, watch, and learn from LIVE sales calls made by our team to real prospects, demonstrating the points covered in the course.

After completing this course, you and your team will be equipped with the skills to make confident and modern B2B sales calls, effectively set meetings and demos, and fill your sales funnel.

How to join

We offer three convenient ways for you to attend our training and master the art of cold calling. Whether you prefer an in-person experience or the flexibility of virtual learning, we’ve got you covered!

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Live Events

Join us at our engaging live events held in various locations throughout the UK. Immerse yourself in an interactive environment, network with like-minded professionals, and learn the secrets of successful cold calling from our expert trainers.

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Online Live Sessions

Can’t make it to our physical events? No problem! You can participate in our Cold Call Like a Boss program from the comfort of your own home or office. We offer interactive online sessions delivered live over Zoom, allowing you to join from anywhere in the world.

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On-Site Training at Your Office

For organizations looking to enhance the cold calling skills of their entire team, we offer personalized on-site training. Our experienced trainers will come to your office and deliver the program directly to your team, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

This option ensures a customized learning experience and allows for team collaboration and immediate application of newly acquired knowledge.

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