the small stuff

The little things that make a real difference

It’s the final polish that makes the diamond sparkle.

At least 57 lustrous facets determine the brilliant cut developed in 1910 providing the gemstone not only with a very special fiery glow but also with an extraordinary value.

Want to make more of your sales gems?

the small stuff provides your sales gems with new facets to achieve more lustre – that last tweak helping them to shine for your company.

Sales coach with passion

I am Susannah Mathieson and I love sales training!

I want to support people in sales and enable their development. Selling is not just a business. I know that very well from my own professional experience. I want to make this job easier for salespeople, focussing on making them more successful with less effort.

Learn more about me, my trainings, my methods at About the small stuff.

the small stuff
Charles Dickens

“Trifles make the sum of life.”

Similarly, it’s these little, sometimes insignificant things that make the sum of sales success. That is why I focus on these “trifles”.

Forging a new path

Success for your company

As a leader, we are looking for ways and means to increase turnover in a highly competitive market, to better sell our solutions and secure a larger market share.

Many companies look to the conventional methods first and they usually start with marketing and advertising.

However, the most important dial to be turned up is often neglected: sales.

Your team can become more successful simply by adjusting their approach and forging new paths to make the customers’ journeys easier. the small stuff helps your team identify what needs to be tweaked and provides the tools your teams need, to start forming these new paths in sales.

Your biggest asset: The Salesperson

Human Sales Resource

The most important element in sales is the salesperson. Regardless of how brilliant your product may be – without a brilliant salesperson you are missing a crucial component.

Ergo, the most important relationship for your company is the relationship between salesperson and customer. It is not important whether that is a business partner, in B2B business, or an end user (B2C). Of course, there are significant differences, but both have one thing in common: They involve a relationship between people.

In human relationships, communication plays a crucial role. the small stuff helps your sales representatives to optimise this communication – to make sure that the customer feels understood and their needs are met with your products and services.

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